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Portable 12V DC Battery Pack, Great for Wi-Fi Boosters
**DUAL LEADS** 2 of the 5.5X2.1mm plugs
ON/OFF switch and Compact Design
English support.

DC 12300 3000mAh DC 12V Super Lithium Polymer Battery Pack We have tried many different suppliers of these battery packs. These are the best so far for portable 12VDC needs such as Wi-Fi boosters. **Please charge these batteries with the power switched ON** Specifications: -Weight: 4.1oz. -Capacity: 3000mAh. -Size: 3.50x1.75x0.6875(in) -Input voltage: 12.6V -Output voltage: 10.8~12.6 DC -Product life: Circulation charge and discharge ≥500 times -Over-charge/discharge protection -Built-in ON/OFF switch -Charging indicator

DC 12300 3000 mAh DC 12V Super Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

$39.99 Regular Price
$32.99Sale Price
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