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How we started


REXUAV was created after the owner bought his first drone. After flying one of the first DJI models, he realized that the range wasn't very good, and the video quality wasn't up to par. After experimenting with a few different signal boosters and antennas, he found a combination that greatly improved the quality of both the range of the controller signal, as well as the video signal. Today, we're offering these expert cominations to consumers via our ultimate range booster kits.



Well, for starters, REXUAV is the official U.S. distributor for Sunahns. You can find many people who sell antennas, range boosters, and maybe even kits. However, when you purchase a kit from REXUAV you're not just buying the kit. You're also buying a wealth of knowledge from our technical support team which is based out of Katy, Texas and is there to help you get your UAV boosted and up in the air. REXUAV has worked directly with Sunhans in designing the new eSunRc Boosters, which were built with drone pilots in mind.

"After several flights now with the signal booster, I must say that this by far exceeded my expectations. You have a quality product. My video feed has not dropped ever since I had the booster working. I went as far as 2,700 ft distance for now. I know that the 2.4GHz booster will let me go further.
I had minor struggles with the installation but Tom from REXUAV guided me through all the way until I got the booster working properly. Sure, it costs quite a bit, like they say, "you get what you pay for". The fact that the 5.8Ghz and the 2.4GHz boosters has independent power supply, makes the biggest difference with the signal quality."

By dnalor on



"This was a great purchase and the customer service is fantastic! Like another reviewer, I too have no experience in this type of stuff, but this was very easy to install. Scary? HECK YEAH IT IS! Considering you're drilling two holes through a $500+ Tx. Lol. But honestly as long as you take your time and be VERY careful when drilling, you'll be fine. Just make pilot drill holes and go slooooooow. Last thing you want to do is push your drill bit too hard and smash it into the main board.
In the picture with the blue battery, I got a cheap/small cell phone car mount and it was also a great addition. Now my tx looks really beasty =)
Only suggestion I have is for the seller. If you have access to the buyers email, just email the diagram. I got home early the day it was delivered and was able to reach out to the seller and they emailed me the diagram very quickly, but I would be disappointed if I couldn't have gotten a hold of him right away. If you purchase this, I'd suggest emailing "" and pre request the install diagram so you're ready to rock and roll when it comes. I seriously couldn't believe how easy this is to install.
My first flight was 2,230 feet. Second flight was 3,300 feet. Before this, I was lucky to get 800 feet at the local park (probably a lot of WiFi, radio, power line interference) also noticed that the higher you get and always face the 5.8ghz towards the bird, the better experience you'll have. Hope this helps anyone who's looking to mod their tx and might be a little weary or intimidated. Don't be. Get this and soar to the heavens with confidence! Thanks John and everyone that helped me whenever I had a question. A+ Seller 👍"

By DopeDiculous on


“Easily doubled the range of my solo 3dr.. well worth the money. thinking about adding the battery module to see if i get even more range”

By D.B. on

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